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I am so sorry to hear about your mom Dfkgurl, actually I really can’t find the words to say just how sad this makes me!!! Really appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

Dfk always had something cool to say, told us about her history with music, how she got into Dinosaur Jr/J & the time she met him in an elevator, her passion for collecting antiques, gardening and you. She was very proud of you, talked about how she introduced you to Dinosaur Jr/J and the competition for the turntable/stereo. She sent out a couple songs on our audiogalaxy group, think she said they were friends of yours The Cadets…great sounds!!!

Dfk was a valued member of this community, she will be missed in huge way. Internet friendships are strange sometimes, they exist in a kinda strange way, minus the physical/personal touch, inspite of all that they are true friendships…I will miss DFK <img> . Your mom touched a lot of people here with her kindness, humor, stories about life, J, You and all things in between, she was very special!!!

Again I want to thank you for letting us know, shows a lot of courage, compassion and understanding…traits no doubt your mom was very proud of!!! Hope you are able to find some peace soon, no doubt it all seems kinda overwhelming and out of control at times. I trust that the Dfkgurl in you will help you thru those times.

She will be missed by all here on FreakScene!!!

Allison <img>

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