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hells bells!

can’t wait for the show! i go to a lot, but usually it’s just for something to do. i’m really excited about this one. j must really like chicago considering he played here three times last year alone. (i caught all three shows and snagged set lists from two of them!)

i can’t imagine this show being different from the others i’ve seen at the bottle. no fences or bouncers in front of the stage, everyone just puts their brewskies right down front. stands to be a reel kool atmosphere. i’m sure j will be walking around too!

i’m bringing a camera if anyone wants a picture with the redoubtable j mascis. (i guess i’m overstepping my bounds, but i have a good feeling i’ll get to meet him.) i can post all the pictures on the site after taking them. it would be nice to get a spot real close to the stage.

be careful, its in a sort of crappy neighborhood. not so much dangerous as desolate, but all warm and fuzzy once you get inside.

who’s the guy that’s the teacher? i teach high school english and find it funny that there is actually another teacher that likes j. All the teachers i work with listen to the eagles! ugh!!! [img]images/smiles/icon_mad.gif[/img]

i know i just started on this, but the site is fun!! sorry to ramble on, but i’m real excited for the show.