I was at the dc show last nite too! It rocked, and my eardrums are still ringing. Probably one of the loudest shows i’ve ever been too. I think everyone else but me was prepared with earplugs. I managed to tape the show however, in its entirety (in audio) on my MD recorder. The recording turned out awesome. It actually sounds better on the tape than it did when i was there (the vocals are much clearer) Was it just me or was it "land of the giants" in front of the stage. Everyone up there was at least 6’4". I liked the first band "burning brides" but didn’t like the 2nd one as much. Watt seemed to enjoy burning brides too. During their set he was standing in front of me smoking a big cigar watching. He yelled "burning brides!" when the fog took the stage. J had a really cool t shirt on, it was purple (of course) and had a four armed indian goddess on it. Some guy in the crowd kept yelling "J, give me your shirt" later someone else asked him for the bracelet he was wearing and he actually cracked a smile and said "we’ll talk about it." I have to say that mike watt is probably the best bassist i’ve ever seen live. It was awesome watching him sing, he looked like he was about to swallow the mike every time he screamed into it. George Berz is amazing too! overall it was worth the trip up, even if i didn’t get back to my place until 5am.