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Hey br, sorry to hear the sun is hurting your eyes, but glad to hear you made it to SoCal okay. Eric was the first opener (along with two other groups, Azure Ray and Dave Dondero). It was just him playing an electric guitar and programmed keyboard. He sounded pretty bad. He was drinking a lot of wine on stage. People seemed excited to see him, though.

We used to work together at Tower, but have both since gone our separate ways. He went to work at Amoeba for a while; last time I saw him he was working at a shoe store on Haight Street. He always seems frustrated; never quite happy. Ah well.

When Daniel Johnston played, I got kind of mad because the audience kept shouting things at him. It was mostly young kids (and I’m not even that old, which says something) who wanted to hear Speeding Motorcycle and Casper. They would shout out song titles and he would say "Sorry, I don’t know that one." People thought he was joking but he really doesn’t remember certain things. I rather wanted to throttle a few flannel-clad necks.

But overall it was a wonderful show. If you’re not familiar with his music, you might not totally get it. He played a beat up old guitar with nylon strings, and read his lyrics off of sheafs of paper on a music stand. He really writes the sweetest, simplest songs. To quote the show program, "Most songwriters would give anything to have written one song as good as any Daniel Johnston song, and he has hundreds."

For more info check out the official site . The Stress Records site is good too.