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Jaron I never thought miller was the key to our salvation, but he would have been better than matthews 66yd/17.9 qb rating…no doubt about that.

Dude that had to hurt, looking forward to playing you guys next year when we get some offense happening at a consistent level <img> Nice to see you acknowledge that The BEARS did have some wicked talent happening this year…mostly on D, but some on offense as well.

Big congrats to Hit The Wine on The Steelers win, should be an interesting game against The Patriots. Weather would have to be better than yesterday, it looked sooo cold!!! Whats up with Bettis, given a shot and hit the nerve:eek: Hopefully it clears up quickly <img>

Halfman my only problems with the wr’s is Marcus Robinson’s inability to play a whole season…for a couple years now. I love the guy but he is of no use to us on the bench, gotta evaluate that this off season. New qb and oc would do wonders!!!
But yeah I gotta agree with you, its been fun talking football here with a bunch of freakscene football freaks…always intesting, sometimes challenging, but overall tons of fun <img>

My picks for next week, Rams and Steelers.

Allison <img>