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Great season, Chi-town. Man, the Eagles really came packin today and they executed everything that was crucial. McNabb is great and it seems like the Bears have an Achilles with great quarterbacks.
Hope the Eagles play like that in the NFC championship game. I really took them for chumps…… Bears do need help with an offensive scheme. I disagree with the wr depth. I think we have one of the best receiving corps in the league from top to bottom. All the components are in place but QB and O coach.

Now, I must revert to my treasonous ways and align with Dude and the Packers. Favre has what it takes to beat this juggernaut. Ahman’s awareness and heart, along with his skill might be enough to offset the Rams’ pair. Rams D is getting notice but any D is suceptable to Favre when he impersonates General Sherman. Freeman still has the knack for beng open when it counts. I also like the GB D being healthier than when they beat the Bears.
I think both games tomorrow will be equally asskicking.