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Damn Damn Damn, our inexperience showed…gotta hate that. The 1st 25 minutes we were so tight, god just when we got it going Miller gets knocked out, felt some of the magic go at that point. I actually thought he was going to come back sep shoulder and all, he was throwing outside the locker room…but no <img> I think shane matthews got less than fifty passing yards for the rest of the game:eek: <img> <img>

Gotta give the eagles credit thou, they played a great game on both sides of the ball. Kinda dirty thou with four personal fouls, not good. Gotta love the heart of the BEARS thou, more guys get knocked out…Brown/concussion, Booker/shoulder, but push it and go back in. Fingers crossed shoop doesn’t return as offensive coordinator, he was one of the few not offered an extension recently so you never know.

Lame way to end the season, but hey I still think The BEARS have had an amazing year. Looking forward to the rest of the playoffs…Patriots, Rams and Steelers <img>

Nice to hear from you dude, charming as ever