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Mat I’m with you, all week all I’ve been hearing is how great the eagles played against tampa…big deal!!! One of the eagles wr said he thought the BEARS would be easier than tampa <img> <img> <img> mcnabb said he is going to put his moves on us running and we can’t catch him…well I kinda doubt that!!! Anyone remember The Fog Bowl in 88, they were saying all the same things about randall cunningham, we moved on and the eagles went home. So hey, lets hope its a great game in Chicago, looking forward to our D meeting mcnabb <img>

Its been an amazing year though, we have been last place in our division thru the last four seasons:eek: and look at us now. Dick Jauron Maxwell Coach of The Year Award, Anthony Thomas Offensive Rookie of The Year, Urlacher 2nd in Defensive Player of The Year voting (Urlacher 20 & ray lewis 2..hehe). Well represented in the Pro Bowl, that is so cool. We won the NFC Central Division at 13-3, hard to imagine a better year…yeah right <img>


Allison <img>

ps this BEAR fan, real grabowski, stopped shaving and didn’t cut his hair from sometime during the 2000 season. Protest of sorts, until the BEARS made it to the play offs. He’s getting his head shaved at half time online…should be hilarious…sorta <img>

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