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Hi Mascow

I seem to be getting incoherent! I did not bother to read your post very well before I responded. Sorry!

Please remember. I have not run across J in about 13 years. I just think it is fun to remember stuff.

I know that when I had a drum kit I could at least attempt to play anything that I have heard on a Dinosaur album. I don’t think I could get the feel right or remember all the fills. I also like ringy drums and rim shots so I would not play in that style. J and Pat like DEAD, REBOUNDLESS toms. They would let the mikes take care of providing volume. J loved Heavy Metal like Motorhead. He always talked about "Philthy Animal" being god. But maybe he was just talking… Anyway I can’t always relate to Js ideas.

A double bass set kind of has a pretensious look to it. Also contrary to popular belief it was not developed to provide endless 16th notes. It was developed by swing drummers for VOLUME. And that is what rock drummers use it for also. 16th notes actually sound better on one bass drum. I have tried using two bass drums and I could not get them tuned to sound the same. I later was told that they are not supposed to be in tune with each other. They sound best tuned 1/2 step different (sharp or flat.)

Keep trying! You can play Budge!!!! Do you have a book with drumming exercises in it? Just try the exercises using base drum and left hand instead of right and left hand. Any pedal will work. You just need to limber up your foot. Like with a stick in your hand you have to get it to bounce and then catch the rebound.

It was cool hearing that they were making it. I always suspected they would. J always had star quality even at his geekyest excesses. And just like he always said he would he lived at home as long as he possibly could.

I bet that Pat would love to play double bass and maybe he did on some albums. But it is more trouble than it is worth. Most drummers have an extra bass drum just for their solos. But I never really got into it so maybe I am wrong. That is just what I read in Modern Drummer magazine when I was a teenager…

Anyway on Budge I am almost positive that Pat is just doing a hand/foot roll. Bounce-bounce on the bass drum and bounce-bounce on the snare.

Have fun!!!

( I really don’t know about those last questions. J did so much overdubbing on most of the albums after Bug. I don’t understand how that is done. But I would lay down the drums first if I were doing it. But I supose it might be hard to follow.)