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Yeah, that 16th note bass drum (or snare) stuff is hard to learn at first. The book that me, J and Pat learned it form is called "Realistic Rock" by Carmin Appeice (SIC). There is probably a better book out now.

But it just takes practice. Also you have to learn it bit by bit otherwise that technique can mess with your style and feel A LOT! I don’t really know how else to say that but it opens doors to playing that you are not really ready to play yet when you get over the barriers to that kind of "Ambidexterity" as it is called. You sort of need time to think about it.

The next step after leaning to play 16th notes on the bass drum and snare while playing 8th notes on the hihat is to achieve independence playing a jazz beat. Or maybe I learned other stuff in between there…. I can’t remember….

There is all kinds of other stuff in that "Realistic Rock" book. You probably know other drummers. You can ask them for pointers.