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Well you bring an interesting outake on the drummers of dinosaur. I never wanted to convey that George is a bad drummer, obviusly he is very talented. It’s just that the live shows lack so much without "Murph". Everyone I have tlaked to kind of feels the same way too. I know i’m not alone on this.
You have to undertand. Something so perfect is now semi-perfect. (my opinion) And dont even get me started on Mike Watt. But you are probbly right J is just going a different direction.

Now do you know for sure that murph did not use a double bass pedal. Cause if thats not a double bass, then tell me what pedal he uses and i want one. Also it seems to me he had a double-bass with the Lemonheads too. Another song to check out that sounds like double bass is "budge" live.(another song George disapoints me)

Yeah the Sabian bells are weak this is true, it doesn’t bother me though i rarely use the bell.

You offer alot of insight into dinosaur. It must have been weird watching them get all famous.

One more question. You mentioned J being tired of writing songs for murphs drumming. I was always under the impression that his song writing encompassed three things 1.guitar 2. melody 3. drums . So do you really think murphs style hindered j’s style?

Oh yeah one more song "Wahtevers cool With me" please dont tell thats not double-bass. If it isn’t i will love murph even more. Someone’s gotta teach me that.