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interesting post. i am student of j’s drumming and of murphs drumming. i rip off dinosaur drum fills all the time. murph drumed for a band called "Swish" it was i believe a chick band, at least fronted by a chick. i dont know the record label, but if you really want to know the label i can get it for you. to me george is a very boring drummer. all his drum fills seem the same. murph played with so much more energy. he added another hero to dinosaur jr. now it’s just j who is fun to watch. to be honest with you george actually ruins songs. for example "severed lips" is a very weak song when george is hitin the skins. "little fury things" sucks with george. thumb loses the double-bass fills without murph. i could go on and on. we need murph back.
any idea as to why he doesn’t play with j anymore. i have only read that j said murph just lost interest. i dont know?

WE NEED MURPH!!!!!!!!!

ALSO would you mind elaborating on how j hits the bottom cymbal of the hi-hats. what?
i do not understand that.

i use sabian aax. i have a 18" stage crash and a 21" stage ride. they are very loud and suit me well. also very affordable if you shop around.

have you seen murph on "The Year Punk Broke." check out hill rolls on "freakscene" right before the solo and at the end. also on the"wagon" he’s amazing