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well, to answer your question, I am a guitarist and drummer, and I can say for me they are a bit alike, but guitar comes to me easily and drums for a long time were hard as hell… but then i got into the math of it all and got better at both….

as far as cymbals go for me, I have an old zildjian ride cymbal that’s huge… I never have bothered to measure it but it’s really big… it looks like something dale crover would use. for a crash I use a zildjian crash ride, and for high hats I have Nu Vader 14’s. since I play alot of 32th notes on the fast parts of whatever song, I have a set of zildjian zbt high hats on a boom arm to the right of my ride. it’s easier to move between the two sounds that way. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]