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hey Uma’s Cow

Sorry I misunderstood your name. Uhh… I didn’t really know who Uma was until about 3 mounths ago. My brother says he went out with her though…

I just got another base drum pedal and I have to say that it is a million times better than my old one. Actuall the new one is old and the old one is new. My old one is this fancy EDP 300 by Premier (it sucks.) My new one is a Pearl chain drive which is very similar to the classic Camco design that is copied religiously by Drum Workshop and Tama. It is lightwheight and floppy. It has a heal plate, which gives you more control. It has a long action (IE the beater goes a long way when you press the foot board) and quick rebound.

So I guess the bass drum pedal does matter. The EDP 300 made me tired quick. It is tight and stiff. My Pearl is loose and bouncy. But I could still play Budge on the EDP 300. I was just kind of sloppy.