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Randy Jane

I also take odd guitars to the customizing table. My 89 Squier Strat….its black with maple neck (one piece). It has been customized as follws: Black pickgaurd, Floyd Rose single lock (regular nut, no fine tuners on bridge). A Seymour Duncan JB humbucker in the bridge, Schaller SH-2 in mid, and some other single in the neck. Yamaha Japan tuners…crap crap crap. Stickers come and go and dents and chunks are always getting knocked into/out of it, (like the time my friend wouldnt stop playing drums to help me move a few cabs so i chunked my geetar into the drums…..he stoped playing..hehe.

My Telecaster (Squier as well) I just took the tone pot out and put the jack in the tone pot hole and turned the switch around. It has a humbucker in the neck, and I always play with it, and it kept switching.

I customized a Harmony Stella too….put a single in it and a volume pot and a strat jack plate. Routed it out with a screwdriver……couldnt do it with my dremel…..wouldve woken my parents up, and I just couldnt wait untill the next day to do it.

I may think of some more……who knows. RJ.