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Randy Jane

……….you can, but remember this…………….if its Fender and old….and you put new paint on it………….Telecaster’s have been known to find their way into peoples houses and into their rooms and onto their noggins. Hehe, no, but seriously, uh, if you dont ever want to sell it, do it. If you do something to a guitar, and like it…chances are…someone out there is going to like it as well. If you dont know what you are doing, it could kill your tone. It will affect your tone in any case, anything you do to a guitar affects the tone, (stickers, paint, dents, etc.) even if you cant really hear it. Sometimes its like taking a pebble and chunking it into the ocean…the level of the ocean rises, but you would never know it. On the other hand, it could be like taking a car and parking it into a small pond. If you could find something that has already been refinished, that would be the best…plus, it will probably be cheaper too, because, it as well affects the value of the guitar. But dude, if its something youre going to hang on to for good…make it exactly the way YOU want it, dont listen to anyone but yourself, im just telling you this stuff….so youll know.