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Bob – J’s "version" of Quicksand was great, mixing the intro of Andy Warhol in with new lyrics for Quicksand, but listen to the original lyrics, and I wouldn’t say that J’s was better. Can’t argue with your opinion though.

Dinosaur Jr’s version of Hot Burrito # 2 was better than Gram’s though. No other opinions accepted.

Everything Flow’s is a tricky as the Fanclub’s version was great too.

Guns and Roses – live and let die. And bear in mind that I think Axl was the biggest dick on the planet. Interesting trivia for any Eagles fans – AXL sang backing vocals on Don Henley’s album (can’t remember the name, but the one with New York Minute and Boys of Summer on). Listen hard and you can hear the annoying whine.

There was this kiddie band about 9 years ago, that wrote a song called "i wish i was him – he’s got the women at his feet, with all his cool friends, he gets his records for free I wish I was him" about Evan Dando. When Evan did his solo tour, he did a great version. Must have been cool for the kids to hear their song sung by the inspiration.

Theme to Fraggle Rock – Still Crazy after all these beers (my band at school). All together now "Dance your cares away – worries for another day, let the music play.. down at fraggle rock".