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Fiona Apple- Across the Universe (can’t stand John Lennon’s flat, nasaly voice)
Tori Amos- 97 Bonnie & Clyde
Marilyn Manson- I Put a Spell on You (not necessarily BETTER than Screamin’ Jay, but definitely measures up)
Diamanda Galas- I Put a Spell on You (ditto)
Diamanda Galas- The Thrill is Gone
Marilyn Manson- Five to One (MM have always reminded me of the Doors anyway; it was cool to hear them cover this song)
Stevie Ray Vaughan- Voodoo Chile
Janis Joplin- Me & Bobby McGee
Reverend Horton Heat- Five-O Ford (it’s a discreet cover of ‘Hot Rod Lincoln’ by Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen; I think there was an even earlier version but I’m not sure who did it)
Nirvana- Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Pearl Jam- Last Kiss
Pearl Jam- Sonic Reducer
Pearl Jam- Soldier of Love
LeAnn Rimes- Blue
Godhead- Eleanor Rigby
The Animals- I Put a Spell on You
Elvis Presley- Love Me (originally done, I think, by this guy named The Phantom)
me- Can’t We Move This