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The music in commercials debate is something I`m split on.It is blasphemy to see a good song used to sell something yet some of these artists never made much money on them plus it exposes the tunes to people that would not have heard them.
Buffalo Tom`s Soda Jerk has been in at least 3 ads.Why that many I don`t know,but they`re like America`s most underated band so maybe to see a little attention is`nt too bad.
They used a Mingus tune in a car ad?Mingus would problably have smashed his TV!There`s a chandlier in a NYC jazz club that Mingus put his fist through!They call it the Mingus Light!
As I mentioned in the dream line-up Paul Stanley from Kiss is going to do a Folger`s coffee ad,this might be seen as cheesy as when Gene Simmons was on "who wants to be a millionaire"but maybe some one else may not think so.
I don`t know,I`m kind of undecided on the issue but there`s more songs than ever being used and I hope it does`nt get out of hand.