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Speaking of cool songs on soundtracks, I simply have to tell you this story.
Some years back on the Berlin Filmfestival I watched a French film which later hit the English speaking market as The Bait. Now the film was rather boring, yet that didn´t stop the jury to award it the golden Bear. Anyway, as the story of juvenile deliquents in Paris unfolds, I hardly can keep my eyes open when suddenly during one scene I hear the oh-so-familiar sound from th´ faith healers. Namely the song Don´t Jones Me. Back then th´ faith healers were my absolute favourites (still are, in some way), but since they were such a small band from Camden, it really took me by surprise that they were on the soundtrack of this french film.
Now, during some project I did while I was at the academy (I won´t go into that now), I became aquainted with Joe Dilworth, the drummer with th´ Faith Healer, former drummer of Stereolab. As it happened, he stayed at our place in Berlin shortly after the Film Festival, and I asked him if they got any money from the film company and he said, yeah, they weren´t asked (I guess the label made the deal) but bang, there he got 2000 pounds on his acount, virtually out of the blue. I remarked, that he had been rather fortunate that they took a song where Joe was credited as co-writer cause with almost all the other songs from th´Faith Healers the royalities go exculsively to the guitarplayer Tom Cullinan.
Yeah, said Joe, and then he told me that he had written the lyrics for Don´t Jones Me. Now, if you are familiar with th´Faith Healers and Don´t Jones Me in particular, you will know, that lyrics is stretching the term a bit , cause although Don´t jones Me clocks in at over 6 minutes, the lyrics consist mainly of Roxanne singing Don´t Jones Me over and over again (brilliant song nevertheless).
Now, some months later, while I was staying at Joes flat in London, I taped some of his records cause I was rather skint at the time, and a few of them where out of print anyway. Thus I came across a record from Pussy Galore. The one with the mock Spanish Rock Star cover, and while I jotted down the titles on the little tape inlet, I noticed that there was a song called Don´t Jones Me. This is really strange I volunteered to Joe, I didn´t know, that Pussy Galore already had a song with this title. Joe looked at me sheepishly and said: "Come on, don´t tell me you really thought I wrote the whole thing myself, I´m a drummer for Gods sake."
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