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Bromley By Bow?

We’re all cockneys, don’t ya know.

What, prey tell, were you doing in Bromley? Shurely shum mishtake?

I saw Iggy at Reading too – nuff to put a man off smack for ever. That horrid saggy skin. Put it away man. Some things sound better on vinyl, don’t you agree? I mean, who wants to pay good money to see a 50+ year old loon run around a stage spitting lust for life? The funny thing was that most of the young crowd had absolutely no idea who he was. Best comment – I think he’s the guy who did that song from Trainspotting – Lou Reed.

Don’t know who’d be more upset – Iggy or Lou.

Hah! Now that I’ve got $100 million to splash around, I’ll be making a few improvements.