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I have seen Iggy a few times as well, I think the late 80’s was the last time. I agree he is no longer a real wild child(god I hate that song!!!)but not bad for a guy of 50 or more. In regards to the swearing bit, odd that a guy who can be so articulate in interviews can present that way on stage…just don’t get it but agree it is pretty lame. You have to give Iggy his due thou, he has influenced tons of current musicians with his older stooges stuff as well as some of his earlier solo stuff….even the stuff with bowie. I was in London just before I saw Iggy in the late 80’s, saw a band called Jesus Loves Jimmy Osterburg way out in some area called Bromley by Bow. Bunch of young kids playing MC5 & Stooges covers….very badly, but still pretty cool to see the influence he had on different levels of musicians….Mascis included.

Having worked in similar settings you described I wish he would just keep his clothes on….just don’t think he can.