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You could be right about the image problem ie that crap slacker image….never bought it!!! Thing is Iggy has quite the history, way Too Much Junkie Business thru the early years of his career, cleaned up his act thou awhile back.

God I hope the next time I have a Dr Pepper I don’t start thinking of that horrifying Bee
Gee’s song….that would suck in such a huge way!!!

I agree with you to a degree Dimpfelmoser, there were still some good tunes after New Values & Party but some definitely seemed geared to money making. If I remember correctly what Iggy said about selling out was anyone can use the songs as they were not made to be commercial so go for it. The only songs I have heard in commercials etc have been his early stuff with the Stooges and some early solo stuff so that fits with his explanation. The song Butt Town was featured on a Beavis & Butthead show, perfect for that song….it was hilarious best place for that song in my opinion.


ps Too Much Junkie Business is a great Thunders/Heartbreakers tune….awesome.
The beginning of I’m Not Fine in my opinion was definitely influenced by Cry for Love by Iggy….only my opinion.

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