So I am kind of new to this site, at least registering wise. I check it out now and again. And I just want to add my two cents about the Chitown show. First, I got lucky on the outside when someone forgot their ID so had to leave which left myself and some other lucky sole witha chance to ge tin. My take on the opening bands is about the same as posted previously. I enjoyed the 2nd better at times, but that could’ve been jsut because j would just go on sooner. Anyway, J was incredible again. It seemed like he had the first 9 songs or so scripted then got a little freeer than in Ann Arbor on Friday. Both were equally spectacular. I really like the Empty Bottle, but about the 3-4th song the feedback on the left of the stage got pretty bad. The speaker was going nuts, which prompted J to question everything and start checking mike sounds. Maybe you couldn’t hear it on the right side of the stage, but it got bad. He got a little more talkative withthe crowd, which was neat.

Does anyone know where to get ahold of copies of either the Ann Arbor show, Chicago show, or Cleveland for that matter, I would love to snag one. ????? [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img]