Hello everyone. I just read the reviews and wanted to throw in my own 2 cents. I managed to be the guy standing directly in front of J. I was right against the stage. (sorry I know my girlfriend and I are tall -we had on the Independent gear-) but I couldn’t resist. J was amazing. The broken guitar string seemed to change the nights mood in my opinion and the crying drunk girl next to me having a violent spaz attack more than dampered my good time. Did anyone notice that J had the lyrics to "On the Run" written down on a piece of paper at his feet? After J stepped down the first time my girlfriend swiped it up. Its totally J’s handwritting. Should make for quite the conversation piece! I am going to get it framed. If anyone wants to swap photos or recordings of the show…[email protected] Just shoot me a message! I’d love to hear from you! All in all the show was intimate and very fun.

I got offered that Tamale too!

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