here’s the complete setlist for anyone who cares:

blowin’ it
little fury things
flying cloud
keep the glove
throw down
on the run
not you again
get me
lung (for about ten seconds)
what else is new?

The highlights were quest, amma (always a favorite, but I definitely like it better electric), on the run (I’ve had it in my head since the show), not you again (really fierce version of this, better than martin & me), real nice sing along version of get me–everyone in the place joined j which was kool! wagon & what else is new were also wonderful.

it was great getting to meet so many people from the website. thanks to the tennessee guys for letting me cut with them. (sorry to the people i cut in front of) we had a little corner by the stage like foglight said, but i wonder what happened to mat, he disappeared pretty early on??? thanks to the person that gave me the tamale–it was delicious and my favorite food!

things got weird when i left the show. i shared a cab with a raspy voiced marine guy that was at the show and he was complaining about the opening bands. (i wasn’t as impressed as half-man.) we went to this bar that stayed open until five in the morning. lots of drink going on and the crazy stuff that happened probably isn’t worth getting into. it was the craziest bar ever! this crazy old OLD lady owned it and she was running around all over the place. i met a nice looking girl with a nose ring, but she was making out with some other guy when i came back from the bathroom. oh well!

when i went back to my hotel i was offered twenty dollars for beer from some lions fans. they asked me if i was a lions fan and i told them "hell no" and then went into how the bears were going to kick their sorry winless asses all over the place. and we did, ha ha! sold them some beer i had for a rediculous price (only because they were lions fans) and went to bed. i was up until like six in the morning and am still hurting from the experience. lots of fun, though! just what i needed.

i’ll have pictures posted as soon as i get rid of the other five i have left.