What a great experience!!!! The night started off pretty funny outside the venue. The folks had us shift the line a few times and we thought the order would flip on the first come first serve. Another funny thing was that everyone in line was told there would only be one hundred tix instead of two hundred at the door. Never did hear why 100 tickets mysteriously dissappeared like that…. One guy came by on foot asking who was playing. I told him. His reaction "Ohhhh." and he walked off. Everyone just cracked up. It was kinda like the eternal question of "Who is J Mascis?" was answered once and for all.

Met Hatchetface in line. Like FogLight said, it was amazing that he drove all the way up non-stop from Tennessee. Matty showed up later with his pal Ryan (sorry about the name gaff earlier [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img] .) Went inside ran into Hatchet again. He put us in touch with FogLight, his friend Al and Throbby. The Chicago contigent was complete.

Spa Lounge opened. Not too bad really. A good choice to start things. Pinebender was next. These guys impressed me at times, and at others it seemed like they were holding back. The drummer had a really small kit, but he really got a lot of mileage from it. The lead guitarist seemed to be really concentrating throughout, trying to get things right. He had a nice chain of pedals and such . The singer/rhythm guitarist/leader was kind of hammy. I would recommend checking them out if you get a chance, They rock.

J came on at about midnight to cheers and chants of "Neil Blender" and "alien workshop". I am kicking myself I didn’t ask him if aerobics are helping him get back in shape [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] .

He started with Thumb. J’s vocals were very clear from the beginning. From there, he sang Blowing it, getting the guitar action warmed up. I didn’t know the next song, but his solo here was great, even adding a few slaps on the guitar body mid-solo. He followed with Same Day, a song I hadn’t heard until this time, but just knew it was so. His solo here made me think "Jeez, this is an acoustic show. you can’t do that here!" Torrential.

Ammaring was next. What a great way to hear this song for the first time! You guys are right about the solo in this song. Woowee! Little Fury Things was next, followed by Flying Cloud. The next song I could sing along with, but couldn’t get the name of it until the end, "Keep the Glove". Been a long time since I heard it. Kudos to FogLight here for the request. Thrown Down was next, followed by Repulsion. J’s yelp at the end of the song was pretty funny.

To digress, J was in a good mood as FogLight said. Something happened back in the crowd and he said something like "Looks like things are breaking apart out there." or something like that. At one time, he was looked like he was testing the mike or screwing with the crowd. The only sound that came out was a muffled "urghmf" or something. J quipped "I sound like the Strokes." and did it again.

After Repulsion, he switched guitars but the second one was broken. He apologized and launched into another song I hadn’t heard, perhaps On The Run?
Waistin came next and it seemed like the broken guitar got him pissed. The solo here was molten. Not You Again was next, followed by a beautiful Get Me. J took requests and played a bit of The Lung before giving the crowd a nice ride on The Wagon. The last song was So What Else Is New. The vocals, solos and arrangement all came together here for a perfect ending.

Thanks to everyone for making a 10 year wait worthwhile. Hope to see you guys again at the next show.


P.S. A couple of ladies in the crowd took the website address and said they would check it out.


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