I taped the show with a little hand held Panasonic Microcassette Recorder (model RN-404). I am able to convert it to mp3’s on my computer but I need my friend’s help. Hopefully we’ll get to it within the next of couple days. At previous Fog gigs I’ve made recordings that came out pretty bad since I was in front and it was so incredibly loud, so I didn’t bother trying to do anything with it. But with this gig it may come out decent. We’ll see. If you want I can snail mail you my tapes after I’m done with them.


I’m pretty confident J is cool with people taping his shows since every one I’ve been to, people have taped pretty much out in the open and haven’t taken any guff from anyone. At Saturday nights gig there were people taping all over the place. The girl next to me had a big recorder with a full-size microphone that she put on the stage. She kind of covered it up with her jacket, but it was pretty obvious. I’m bet her recording came out good, maybe we should track her down and get her to post her recording…


The feedback on the right side of the stage wasn’t too bad. If J hadn’t said something I may not have even noticed. It was probably just that one speaker.