K7 Rides Again

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<strong>…and yeah you know who you are!!!</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>No…who am I???

What? J’s coming to Columbus? How come no one told me? WTF!!! Sh*t!!! I better go buy a ticket. Yeah right… <img>

You know if J’s coming anywhere near OH I’ll be there <img>

Yeah, I haven’t heard anything about any bands opening up but who knows. I’ll try and swing through w/in the next couple of days and talk to the manager…see if I can scrounge up any additional info…

Yeah, I think the pic card holds like 50 or so shots…so I’ll have plenty of pics to put up. Maybe I’ll get a panaramic of J rockin’.

*if you’re taking pics don’t use a flash (it upsets J)

The Hellacopters are going to be here next Saturday, so maybe I’ll get some pics of them as well.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get one of myself and let you all see *eerie twilight zone music in background*

Yeah, kurtis and some of the COL Posse will be representing…maybe I’ll have to hook up w/ some other freaksceners and treat them to my town…a little preshow wastedness is always good <img>

kurtis <img>

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