K7 Rides Again

all right…well the cable is finally working so I’m busy as can be uplaoding images. I have 60 or so from last nights show plus another 18 from the Hellacopters show.

Presently the hellacopters stuff is up and I’m working on the Cobra Verde and J stuff.

I’m building multiple pages with about 10-12 per page for all of you who have phoneline modems (I know how slow DL’ing stuff can be using that route)

So just give me some time to create and upload.

Will post a review of the show later…after class and after I get this stuff done…

Some came out really good, some not so well as you will see. Last time J played he asked people to not use flashes…works well for him but plays havoc for the people trying to get good photos. You win some, you lose some I guess. I have access to some software that should be able to clean them up a bit. But I won’t be getting around to that until this weekend…we will see…

Anyways, enjoy… <img>

Oh yeah, you probably want the address, huh?

The Pics

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