Just got home from the Columbus show. Met up with Kurtis and felt his pain he was having with his digital camera being a bastard. Not sure if he got any decent pictures or not. Let him sober up first <img>

Anyways, J played for about 70 minutes. I’m dumping the DAT to WAV -> MP3 right now, so hopefully it’ll be up in the morning. J played the one new song that I cant remember what Jeremiah told me the name of it was. Here’s approximately what he played (in no real order):

Severed Lips
Little Fury Things
Throw Down
Not You Again
The Wagon
Blowing It
Flying Cloud
What Else Is New
Get Me
Alone (aborted)
Same Day
Amma ring
(new one) ‘better days’
On The Run (Wipers)

‘Alone’ started off pretty promising, but J just sorta quit after the first couple lines. It looks like he was having problems remembering how the guitar part went. He also forget the second line of ‘Quest’ and kept playing the intro until he remembered.

That’s about all I can think of. Pretty cool show. Would have liked to hear some different songs (like Tarpit, Gotta Know, NOT THUMB, Water) but it was just cool to see J solo finally.

Even though everyone was yelling and screaming for a 2nd encore, J just grabbed his guitar pedals off the stage and said ‘Thanks, See you next time’. Kind of a bummer, but I dont blame him.

-Jamie, sober <img> but drinking soapy milk