K7 Rides Again

sorry-u can’t touch this hat. Notice how it’s nicely worn and appears to be incredibly comfortable (which it is). Also please notice the gently sloping forehead on it (very skateresque).
It’s hard to find a good hat these days. Mostly, they seem to have the "high rise" forehead which makes them look like "trucker" hats…lame…
The only problem w/ this one (besides the fact that it’s completely worn out and makes me look like W.T.) is that it sports my company logo everywhere I go. Pretty lame (kurticus tries not to sport company propaganda whenever possible. YES, I know how ironic that sounds wearing the company hat and the abercrombie shirt)…but it’s such an awesome hat!!! But hey, if the shoe fits, where it.

If you wanna send a patch this way, I’ll make the extra effort to find an equally cool hat, and I’ll graft that baby on there! <img>

Oh yeah, <strong>Dublin, Ohio (home of Wendy’s)</strong>
I’ve seen those commercials-HA HA HA HA HA!!! <img>

T-minus 1 hour 45 minutes and counting…

Guess it’s time to start the drinking…

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