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Hey Tom,

When I was in college, I had a big crush on a guy who lived in my dorm. He was a rich boy from Atlanta; can guarantee he never looked twice at me. But he landed a show on the college station, along with another guy from our dorm, and they split up their airtime so it was half "indie rock" and half "hardcore". It’s so lame, but part of the reason I dug Clark so much was his thick southern drawl; I used to tape their radio show, but hit pause during the actual music, so I had a good half hour of just him talking.

I visited the station a couple times during their show. It was really small and outsiders weren’t allowed in, but we snuck in anyway. A bunch of my guy friends decided to form this fake band called Grass Mantis, and Clark set up a mock interview which they deadpanned all the way through. It was totally improvised and totally funny, really mimicking the other snooty college shows around at the time. The Grass Mantis had a washboard player, 8 tracks of keyboards, and their main influences were D. Boon and John Fogerty.

So that’s my little story. Last time I saw Clark, he was going to Germany for a year, and his parents were building a recording studio onto the house for him. Musta been nice. But he did always sneak stuff out of the college station for me to copy. And he was a big Dino fan. Ah well.

take care