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I don’t listen to a lot of radio anymore but when I did we have a local station that started playing all kinds of punk which was cool. One of the great thing about the local University stations is they sponsor some great shows…recently brought PSOI in. Way back they were sponsoring local punk shows…where I met most of my current pals…gotta love them for that. Some of those old pals have shows on the local radio now, mostly heavy mod stuff though…sometimes some Wayne Kramer and Hellacopters though which is great. On the internet there are some great radio stations available, best of course being Freakscene Radio…J 24/7…doesn’t get much better than that.

Although on Dec 27 9:03 Swedish time (I think thats around 1pm my time…central time) will be broadcasting a Hellacopters live concert. Recorded live at Roskildefestivel in Denmark just awhile ago. Think I will check that out…



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