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Tom-One reason why I don`t listen to the radio much is where I live now the station does`nt come in as clear as it did where I used to live.Another reason is I have so many cd`s and tapes to listen to I`d rather spend time listening to that.Alot of the people who did shows years ago are gone,it`s not the same without them.

I should mention when I first heard Wesley Willis,around 94 I think,this woman on the college station lived in Chicago for awhile,she was back here visiting friends and decided to play some Wesley Willis,I think it might have been his first album,she met him a few times since she got into the music scene there,she even dated Steve Albini for awhile.
Ever see that video for "Alanis Morrisette" he did?Wesley does cartwheels in it,he`s 300 pounds!
Is he a BEARS fan?maybe he could end his songs with ROCK OVER LONDON ROCK ON CHICAGO GO BEARS!