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More college radio memories:
There used to be a show on fridays that was cool,mostly punk but he threw some other stuff in there sometimes.Every week you could hear Black Flag,Minor Threat,Descendents,Crass,Mekons,Gang Of Four,X, etc. he also used to read articles talk about movies he saw and play related songs.He saw a movie called Repulsion,guess what song he played?(he did`nt like Dinosaur but played them sometimes anyway).

Another cool show I used to catch was on Sunday nights,he played Dino,Sebadoh,Buffalo Tom,Unrest,Vic Chesnutt,Sonic Youth,Red Red Meat,Palace Brothers,Velvet Underground,etc.
he also threw in alot of crooners and jazz singers:Frank Sinatra,Tony Bennett,Ella Fitzgerald,Billie Holiday,Dean Martin,Sammy Davis Jr,Sarah Vaughan,etc.

One of the last shows I listened to before I stopped listening to college radio was on Monday nights,they used to play alot of Superchunk,Polvo,Archers Of Loaf,Swervedriver,Helium,June of 44,Grifters,Blonde Redhead,Flying Saucer Attack,Fugazi,etc.