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Good topic Tom!
From late 89 to 97 I listened to alot of college radio,over the last few years I have`nt tuned in much,alot of the people who were there years ago are gone.
The first show I listened to was a jazz/blues show,it was hosted by a relative of Sarah MacLachlan if you can believe that.Played a good mix of early jazz:Louis Armstrong,Jelly Roll Morton,Bix Beiderbecke,etc. including some lesser known artists from that era like Tiny Parham.Played some big band era stuff:Count Basie,Woody Herman,Les Brown,etc. and singers:Billie Holiday,Sarah Vaughan,Ella Fitzgerald,etc. and lesser known singers like Nellie Lutcher.
For blues stuff it ranged from Robert Johnson to Buddy Guy to Jimmy Witherspoon.

Another cool show was half classic rock(obsure stuff,not hits) and jazz/blues in the 2nd hour.The first hour ranged from Soft Machine to Family to Fairport Convention.In the second hour it ranged from Son House to Mal Waldron,one night he played a long Manfred Mann song(the do wah diddy diddy guy,that`s all I thought that guy did)that was jazzy.

There was also some other jazz shows that great as well,played alot of stuff the CBC would`nt play like free jazz.

post more later.