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Just got my fall books today for 4 classes: [email protected] Thank God for the Gi Bill! I am still of the opinion most students who aren’t as fortunate get juked on trying to resell their books or just trying to make ends meet and breathe deep. Some suggestions:
To free up some tuition money for books, try and get a couple of books out of the library on special grants. If your geneology skills are good and you can find a relative who belong to some strange group, you might get some money coming your way. Also writing essays for different groups might produce funds. If you can really stretch yourself, look into dialing up the major corporations in your closest metropolitan area and beg them to sponsor you or find some business or foundation that shares your intended major or fringe interests and see if they will help. You would be suprised at what people will give if they feel they share something in common with a "good" person, regardless of the bottom line. I can say I have tried this method, yet in things like finding employment and it is the same deal and yes it does work if you work at it. Hope this helps.