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I tried a vegetarian diet once for three weeks b/c I was dating a vegehead at the time (she didn’t ask me too….i’m just a sweet freakin’ guy). Personally, I found it difficult to find a wide variety of food b/c I didn’t like many vege staples like lentils and tofu. I did come up with some seriously kick ass salads…many I still make today. Personally, I think just about any diet can be healthy, as long as everything is taken in moderation. A high carb diet, for me, causes MUCH more problems than a diet of mostly meat. The best thing one could do for themselves, diet-wise, IMO, is stop eating fast food. I used to have some pretty bad intestinal problems (of which I won’t go into here…..thank me next time you see me) which completely went away after I stopped eating fast food (although I still occasionally have the Wendy’s single and a small chilli). I certainly don’t have a problem with vegeheads (i’ve stolen some of my favorite recipes from them…..then added meat [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] ), as long as they don’t have a problem with me chowing down on the bovine ilk.

By the way…..getting back to the original intent of the thread…..here’s a site that may be helpful. Personally, my favorite raman is chicken flavor and add green onion and garlic to taste (be sure to cook the onion and garlic with the soup) and brown up some chicken meat (thigh meat is especially cheap). You can put parsley in too…but if you are watching $$, it’s expendable.


The little green bits are probably dried parsley.

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