<FONT>To follow up- Id like to say Ive seen 13 dino shows now – and I love the classics. I love the new songs as well. I acutally loved HAND IT OVER. NO songs from HAND IT OVER were played in DC or PHILLY. J is definately promoting the new album- and thats great- Id be disappointed if he didnt play atleast a handful of the new material. I would of loved to of heard some of Hand It Over as well. Basically there are about 20 songs I would of loved to of heard. Seems to me that J and Mike Watt worked on a selection of songs and those are the ones they are gunna play every night with slight variations on the set lists. This has been the way ive experienced J shows in the past for particular tours. No matter how loud you scream for Turnip Farm- J will prolly not play it if its not on his playlist for the tour. It sorta bums me out that everynight isnt a completely new set of songs with minimal song repeats from the night before. J has so many KICK ASS songs. I FULLY SUPPORT THE NEW ALBUM – and am thankful I was able to catch 2 shows- repeats or not. J if you read this – i would love to hear Over Your Shoulder….. a true classic</FONT>