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Well, I happen to have a recently produced Squeir Affinity Strat ($170 US brand new) and when I first got it the frets along the site of the nect protruded and were kind of rough. Now they are much smoother and it playes considerably well.

The downsides are of course that, then there’s the weak pickups. I have a fat strat config (sing sing humm) and the two single pickups are way to quiet for my liking. Then, the humbucker can be described only as whiny and trebbily. Thats cool some times but I prefer a gibson range pickup more with a lot more balsy bass range. I’m probably gonna raplce one of the singles with a Seymore Duncan mini hot rail and then the humbucker with a standard JB.

If you are a decent player, dont insult your self with Squier, unless you already have 1 or 2 good guitars. Squiers are starter guitars like I got mine for. Now that I’ve gotten better, I’ve got my eyes on a wine red les paul studio (gibson of course…. epi’s play like crap). Also my fender frontman 15r ain’t cutting it anymore. So a new amp for that is in order and a lot of people would critisize for it but I plan on buying the Line 6 Flextone 2 xl modeling amp. It’s a cut above the other cyber modelers by far and the built in effects are great. But, staying on topic, Just wait a while and buy a good guitar, you can hold onto the money if you really want it.