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I have a sonic blue Jagmaster. The only thing I see wrong with it is the pickups. They are humbuckers (J hates humbuckers) and are very trebly sounding, but for the $150 I paid for mine, I can afford better pickups. It plays every bit as good as a reissue Jazzmaster (I have one of those as well – pickups on that guitar are a little weak as well).

Try to find one of the Old Squire Jagmasters (there are a few up at ebay now I think).

They were made in the Japanese factory before it closed down from left over Jaguar and Jazzmaster reissue parts. The neck on the Japanese ones are short scale (24") like a Jaguar, while the newer ones have a strat length neck (25 1/2").

Here’s a few of them:

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