speaking of celebrity fans. i dunno if any of you americans have ever heard of the show "degrassi high" or "degrassi jr high" but its like a canadian saved by the bell without all the bubblegum and laughter.. its more like rock bands drugs and teenage whores and stuff. this isnt the best description but you get it. so yea.. umm.. a couple people from degrassi high like dinosaur jr and j heard about it and he invited them up to a show and shit.. so yea thats it. degrassi kids are famous and they like J and J likes the show. so yea. if you wanna hear or read the interview where they talk about it go here: http://www.nardwuar.com/menu.html
umm.. you can order videos from nardwuar with that interview on it. i have 2 tapes of him. he rawks.. good interviews with sonic youth, nirvana, courtney love, and all sorts of strange characters.. anyways. nardwuar rawks,, and thats it. bye, james.

when i die, im dead.