Jeremiah, that kind of info is the MOST interesting stuff on the site to me. If you’d rambled for three pages, most of us would read the whole thing, as it’s cool to sort of get all those little details. You are in an enviable place, dude. Enjoy it, can’t wait to see the video. I have never seen J/Dino, and likely will not get to during this tour. Maybe next time. So all you reviewers, I will be hanging on your every word!

p.s. I’d be most sad if I attended a show and they started to play Back Before You Go and then didn’t! Right now it’s my favorite tune. It’s got a very cool 70’s KISS feel that I cannot get over.

Chris [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/earl.gif[/img]

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