This will probably be the way more than you asked for review/journal so keep that in mind. If I ramble, I apologize but you know how it is sometimes…

Anyway, went to the show with some of my closest friends (Jennifer-my wife, Emily, Lara and Wes) who are all J fans (big surprise) so a good time is all that was to be had.

We got to the club a little after 7:30 and they were doing soundchecks inside. Running through some of the new tunes and old ones in instrumental form. They were pretty tight sounding and I was getting very excited. <A>Cam</A> , who was cool enough to contact me and let me use some of his digital taping equipment, was waiting outside and we began going over how to use the camera. I also met Chris (known on the boards as <A> Murph</A> and a ton of other people who said they love site and just wanted to say hello which, of course, made my day!

J’s tour manager (who was very cool too) came out and said hello and as I asked about plugging into the soundboard found out that only Mike and George go through there. J is powered by his cabs only so that idea went out the window. Also the Digital Club Network have laid claim to most of the board anyway. After hearing this I decided I would just film and hope for the best.

At this point J, George and Mike walk out of the club and J’s tour manager points him in my direction. I did not think I would be nervous since I have communicated with J via email numerous times but this is the first time I had met him in person (thanks to security at previous shows). Millions of questions were going through my mind and I shook all there hands and said hello. Mike was heading to the van for a ‘Konk’ [pre-show nap] and George was going to a club on the corner to say hello to some friends that were playing there. J said that he was very unhappy with the previous gigs (in his words ‘they sucked’) because of technical problems they have been having. 6 amps and 1 speaker down at this point and this was only the fourth Fog show (if you count the VT opening gig). I asked Jasper’s question (which happened to be one of mine as well) about how much material he has already written/recorded for the next album. He said that there were 2 tracks already recorded with vocals and all. We discussed the site(s) a bit. J said his family get on here to see what he is doing and so does he [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img] . They were playing Cat Power over the PA and J was singing along lightly. J’s tour manager said that our tour dates and news were more up to date and accurate than they his other sources. [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img] After trying a few local business Emily and Jennifer came up to J (Emily don’t kill me for posting this) and told J "I have to piss and none of these other places will let me use the bathroom. do you have enough clout to get us in here?" [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] J cracked a big smile and led them in to the club. They had to go over the stage because the other way was blocked off. (I know you are probably thinking what is all this doing in a show review post. Short answer – I have no idea, just letting it flow) Anyway, we talked for about 35 minutes before George came back and they were off to Mamma Dips (their place of dining in Chapel Hill) to eat. I ate at Peppers (it’s tradition), or Punk Rock Pizza as J put it (as if you cared at all). Decided to go inside and scope the place out for choice filming at this point. Had some beer, which was probably not a good idea since I was a bit nervous. 6gig played a pretty tight set. Brown came out and after one song I decided to go back outside. J came back and we talked for most of the Brown set then he had to go get the setlist in order. They are all very approachable and nice guys so don’t hesitate to say hello if you see them outside of a gig.

I went in and set up for taping with Cam. I was on an elevated level and had the tripod cranked to 8′ or so. Had to stand in a really cheap chair (which I dearly regretted by the end of the show as I could not feel the lower part of my legs). Hope it does not look like the friggin Blair Witch Project when I see it. The only part is missed is the first 8 seconds or so of ‘TV Eye’ because I was changing batteries.

I’ll probably have to correct this when I watch the tape. They played ‘Same Day’, ‘Waistin’, ‘Where’d You Go’, ‘Ground Me to You’, Ammaring, I’m Not Fine’, attempted ‘Back Before You Go’ but stopped after 3 tries (the tuning was off) and More Light (where J was armed with a keyboard over his guitar) from the new album. ‘The Wagon’, ‘Freak Scene’, ‘Get Me’, covered ‘TV Eye’, ‘Little Fury Things’ (with Mike doing the intro screams), ‘Raisins’, ‘The Lung’, and ‘Severed Lips’. J, Mike and George were extremely tight and looked like they were having a great time. They joked around a good bit on-stage. I was just blown away and (hopefully not but) the price may come at the quality of the video. (My ears still have a slight ring) If you are within a days drive from a show go check it out! This is only my 4th Dino/J show and they only seem to get better with each one.

After they show (around 1:30 because it started late) we talked to George for about an hour. He is a very nice and funny guy. My ribs were sore from laughing when we left. We discussed everything from Evan Dando’s wedding and Old Dirty Bastard, to jobs and politics (and had many laughs about the ‘pride of the Carolinas’ Jessie Helms). I’ll post yet more (although I doubt many of you stuck though this much) when I get more time. The show will be up VERY soon! I went up to the stage with the camera after the show to get some footage of J’s equipment too so I hope that turns out ok.



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