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Rosa-Holly Cole said once that she gave up on jazz stuff because of the lounge revival,she did`nt want to be thrown in with that.
Diana Krall is cool,I usually like older jazz then today`s jazz,but Diana is someone I like;I first heard her in 1994 on a jazz show here in Canada,she was just starting out and was working on her second album,Only Trust Your Heart,I guess that was the one that got her attention,I think over the last few years she`s problably the top selling jazz artist in the world.She`s from Nanaimo,British Columbia which is on the other side of Canada then where i`m at.
I love old standards!Sinatra,Bennett,Holiday,Fitzgerald,Vaughan,etc.all great singers;some people think those old songs are sappy and wimpy,I don`t think so,those writers were brilliant-Porter,Berlin,Kern,Rogers/Hart,etc.