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The Cash Brothers are canadian,one brother was in the Skydiggers,the other was in old punk bands in Quebec and eventually went a more pop direction,he did a very Neil Young influenced album in the early 90`s which was a sort of return to a more louder guitar sound.
I have`nt heard any Cash Brothers material,that what happens when you don`t listen to the radio as often as you used to,but it sounds good.I was`nt into the Skydiggers much,some songs were ok,but when they started reminding me of Blue Rodeo that`s not a good thing.Blue Rodeo appeared recently on an album by the Sadies,an Ontario alt country band,the drummer was from here,used to play in a otherwise all female band called Jale,they were cool,did 2 albums for Sub Pop,now broken up,anyway the most recent Sadies album was produced by Steve Albini,can`t seem to imagine Albini and Blue Rodeo,Those of you who don`t know Blue Rodeo,they`re a country rock band here in Canada,one of Canada`s more popular bands,I`m not into them.
In terms of alt country bands The Guthries from here are cool,some people may not like them but if you like Uncle Tupelo and the Jayhawks you`ll dig them.I know the guitarist/singer,not really well,but I`ve talked to him last summer about music,he wanted to know if I had any Cotton Mather albums,I did`nt but I heard of them,they`re a band from Texas in a Big Star type vein.We also talked about Richard Buckner and Gillian Welch.
den buck,if you see the Guthries album over there in Holland,check it out.