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I like her earlier stuff better,in a jazz vein,then she decided to switch to a more pop career,the Waits tribute is good,check that one out,some of her recent stuff I`m not into,you may like it though.
Lanois is a good producer,his music is`nt for everyone`s taste,cool guy nonetheless,he was on the Nightmusic show when Sonic Youth played I Wanna Be Your Dog,I was telling Allison about this awhile ago;Lanois was strumming an acoustic and laughing,the indigo girls sang back up which was funny.
Bettie Serveert recorded in Lanois`s studio in New Orleans for their Lamprey album;so did Giant Sand,that`s why Peter Visser from the Betties played a guitar solo on one of the songs from GS`s Glum album.