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I saw on Yahoo people talking about the show you saw and other shows,everyone seemed to like it,no complaints.
Did the opening bands suck?it happens alot you go to see someone and you have to stand through some halfassed band,like when Neil Young played here,moist opened,I would`nt be able to stand them so I missed out on Neil.
The whole emo term is getting crazy,people don`t know what it is,I don`t know what it is anymore,it used to be screaming singers and pseudo metal riffs mixed with punk,now it seems to be any band,Modest Mouse has been called emo!
I think Eric`s Trip must have been smelling the same air from central massachussetts that J,Lou,and Murph smelled,maybe it`s in the water system from Mass. to New Brunswick.
They always got compared to Sonic Youth,I don`t hear that predominately,more Dinosaur/Sebadoh than anything else,they named themselves after a SY song,maybe they should have called themselves The Lung or Severed Lips or Repulsion!

Glad You liked the show.