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Allison-Archers Of Loaf are American;I agree they do sound british,too much UK stuff in their record collections!
I forgot alot of stuff so I thought up some more:
PJ Harvey
Nick Drake
Syd Barrett
Fairport Convention
Incredible String Band
Long Fin Kille(are they still around?)
Curve(early stuff)
Flying Saucer Attack
Spare Snare

Maxini-I was going to add Spacemen/Spiritualized,Joy Division slipped my mind too,Magazine had an ex Buzzcocks guy in it,Sabbath yeah,Pale Saints had an ex Lush member in it.
How could I forget the Jam?

You named some stuff Allison that I have`nt heard of;ATV?that`s one of the tv stations here!The Adverts I heard of before,have`nt heard their music.I guess I should`nt forget the Slits either in terms of female punk,their drummer was in the Raincoats too.

Hangovers,forgot about them;that`s Gina from the Raincoats more recent band.